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Triangle Mesh Completer

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Triangle Mesh Completer
Frequently Asked Questions

The plug-in (program) is failed to start.
Most likely, some of the required run-time libraries aren't installed on your computer. Such situation can take place even if a previous version of the plug-in works normally, because, in general, different versions of the plug-in can require different versions of these libraries. To fix this problem, try to install them from the folder "..\redistributable_packages". If this folder contains several numbered sub-folders, the packages from these sub-folders should be installed in the order of their numbering.

After the repairing some parts of the initially existing mesh have been changed.
An input mesh is filtered first in the repairing pipeline. Mesh parts which break the local smoothness conditions (specified in the used processing profile) are removed and the resulting gaps are processed in the general order. The default values of the corresponding threshold angles have been chosen taking into account typical local smoothness properties of meshes obtained from scan data. The filtering conditions can be made weaker by increasing these threshold angles (up to 180 that completely disables the smoothness filtering). But, it increases probability of various artifacts appearing.

At an intermediate step the progress bar stops in spite of that the CPU usage is about 100 %.
In the most cases it means that an unexpected amount of work has been encountered during the repairing. A frequent reason of it is that an open model is processed without making arrangements to preserve its external boundary. As a consequence, this boundary is considered as a very big hole that should be filled.

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