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Triangle Mesh Completer

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Advanced Mesh Repairing. Theory

Alexander Emelyanov,
Institute of Computing for Physics and Technology
Protvino, Moscow region, Russia
(Updated version of the paper presented on Graphicon 2010)


This paper is devoted to the problem of filling gaps in triangle meshes, especially in meshes obtained from scan data. It proposes a general concept of an abstract field whose force lines approximate the missing surface of a triangle mesh model to be repaired. This field is called the missing surface field. The main idea of the concept is that the missing surface behavior estimation result obtained by an estimation method can be expressed via tension indices of this field. And these tension indices created by various estimation methods can be summed to obtain the resulting ones. Thus, within the proposed missing surface field concept various methods of missing surface estimation can be used together and supplement each other to achieve a better repairing result.

Keywords: 3d scannung, point cloud, surface reconstruction, mesh repairing, filling gaps, filling holes, parallel architectures

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