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Triangle Mesh Completer

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Advanced Mesh Repairing. Theory

Alexander Emelyanov,
Institute of Computing for Physics and Technology
Protvino, Moscow region, Russia
(Updated version of the paper presented on Graphicon 2010)

7. Tests and comparison

Tests discussed in this section were performed using the following composite AF

composite missing surface field

Figure F7.1 illustrates a benefit of using this AF with the advanced AF force line tracing. An ICADM obtained by damaging the well known “Bunny” (a) was chosen to test. The previous tracing algorithm [EAK08] provides the close-fitting reconstructed surface behavior (b). Approximately the same result is provided by the presented tracing algorithm using only BIAF. But using this algorithm with the composite AF allows achieving the significantly better repairing quality (c).

Information to compare the costs of the presented method, the previous one [EAK08] and our implementation of [EBV05] (shrinking membrane algorithm) is adduced in the table below:

method num. of proc. time (s)
Shrink. membrane 1 120
[EAK08] 1 90
This 1 345
This 2 188
This 8 51

filling a complicated hole in a triangle mesh model using various missing surface fields

repairing a triangle mesh model obtained from a scanned point cloud

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